Join me: Be an informed consumer


This image makes me giggle. For various reasons. First, I’m looking forward to a Halloween-themed event I’m hosting with my mom this weekend. I also laugh because when some people hear about a new endeavor I’ve taken on, they say, “You got a master’s degree and now you’re selling lipstick?” Technically, yes, I have the ability to sell lipstick. But it’s so much more than that. I can supply you with all the beauty products you might need or want, but I’m also building a foundation for myself, building new relationships, boosting my confidence and uplifting others.

Why did I choose Arbonne? It’s the perfect marriage between botanicals and science. A Scientific Advisory Board comprised of leading professionals in science, medicine, health, wellness & nutrition help develop, implement and assess the products and the informational content on each item. Products are made without animal by-products, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens and other potentially harmful chemicals. That fact is very important to me these days as I’m focused on reducing my exposure to unnecessary chemicals every day.

Another reason that photo resonates with me is I’ve realized our beauty industry has spent millions (thanks to our hard-earned money) to advertise and over sell us products – filled with all of those items mentioned above – that may not really benefit our skin, and in turn, our bodies. I’m on a mission to help others streamline their personal care products. We all have drawers full of makeup, lotions, potions and creams that don’t serve us – they’re piled up in those drawers for a reason!

I’m offering an opportunity to “bury” those items and start fresh. I respect your choice to use any product you choose. I just encourage all of us to be informed consumers and know what we’re putting on and in our bodies and not simply trust the celebrity who got paid a lot of money to sell us that lipstick.

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