Joyful health


I’m sore. Really sore. But it’s the good kind of sore – is what I hear. I’m happy to be back on a more regular basis at one of my favorite workout spots, ZenStudio. Barre, spin and tabata are my favorite classes they offer. And I have my yoga. Nothing beats yoga at Barefoot Studio. Reflecting on this year, I’m thankful for my more consistent willpower to care about my health, both inside and out. Self high-five for finally being brave enough to try headstand without support from the wall. I’m seeing handstand in next year’s landscape. Yay!

In April, I made a commitment to care more about what I put in my body for fuel. I was feeling tired a lot, irregular and unhappy. It’s amazing what a difference a meal makes. The simple act of cleaning up my diet has made me a happier person. I’m continually learning about bodily functions and how food might affect those functions. During this journey, I’ve learned that emotions are largely influenced by our gut health. It didn’t take me long to realize peaceful gut = happy Jillian 🙂 I encourage you to read this article about how our gut is our body’s second brain. It all makes so much sense to me now.

I have a dream to further my nutrition knowledge and become more credentialed. Hence, the above photo. On a recent trip to Chicago (thanks, Kari!), I was walking along Michigan Avenue and came across this neat city project. There was a set of box structures for the public to write in chalk what they envision in the world.

I’m putting it out there that 2015 will get me closer to this goal to inspire and inform more people. In the meantime, I’ll continue sharing my knowledge and products through the company that aligns with my nutrition and personal care needs – Arbonne.

I can’t believe the holidays are just around the corner! Where does the time go? That saying reminds me of one of my favorite songs – “Where does the time go” by moe.

Cheers to good workouts, good food, music and all the things that make each of us feel joy.


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