Riding the journey

Well, hello, blog. It’s been way too long, but I need you. And I need to remember how I much I need you. This summer has given me many opportunities of merriment and laughter but also much change and reminders how precious our human lives are.

I’ve had the fortune to travel to new places and see family at the same time, while also enjoying music I love and familiar faces I’ve come to know through the years. At home, other issues have weighed on me – health and otherwise. The good news is the people directly affected are positive and not the worrying types, so that helps soothe this sometimes (OK, often) worry-wart.

When I moved out of my grandparents’ home in February so the family could have an estate sale and finally sell the property (nearly two years after my grandmother’s passing and 10 years after my grandfather’s), I didn’t think losing that family place would affect me in such a way. But when I learned that the new owners had torn down the house, my heart sank. This was my childhood haven, the place Pa-Pa played “Hotel for the Rich and Famous” with me, the place my brother and I chased each other around and around, causing the silver tea set to rattle and my grandmother to chase us around with that pink acrylic brush, the place Jean-Jean made me the best BLT’s ever prepared, the place we marveled at Pa-Pa’s themed Christmas trees year after year and the place I learned how to fold my napkin and which fork to use for my salad. “If these walls could talk,” we’d often say on many a night gathered in the TV room – the room that still had its collection of decor through the decades when we cleaned out the attic. Ah, what a sweet little place “2614” was.

That’s just it. It “was.” Now it’s time for a new family to make memories on that deep-set property. Maybe I’ll like it better in the long that they tore down the familiar structure – poetically preserving our family’s memories in the ground with it. And thankfully, I have many pictures, forever capturing those moments in time.

September tends to bring out the reflective nature in me. As summer transitions to fall, I always feel a rebirth occurring around me. People are winding down from their vacationing summers and reuniting over cozy nights by the fire and football festivities. This month being my birthday month has something to do with it, too, I’m sure. It’s a chance for me to start a new year, reflecting on what got me here and where I’ll go next.

Things aren’t perfect, but nothing is, right? Part of the beauty on our individual journeys – “beauty is truth, truth beauty …” I have estranged relationships, things I wish I knew how to change – personally and around the world – and places I’d often rather be. But I’m growing every day as an entrepreneur, finding my niche and molding lasting relationships that support and lift me up to where I need and want to be. I’m grateful. And I have a shiny new road bike to break in. Better get to riding on my ever-changing journey.11903802_10153477862829435_4168343110623377182_n


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