Yogi tea musings

It’s a snow day here. Quiet around the neighborhood, except for yells from kids playing in the snow.

Yogi Tea quote says, “Let things come to you.”

A simple saying, but harder to really practice. We spend so much energy trying to get the answer, figure everything out, and we become so anxious in the process forgetting to just be in the present moment.

Nice reminder, Yogi Tea. Today, my intention is to not fret over the outcome of things. I’m going to simply be and do and see what shows up. Maybe even take a stroll through the crunchy snow before the sun does its thing.


3 thoughts on “Yogi tea musings

  1. Beautiful!! Isn’t it a lovely day? Remember the quiet first snows in Flagstaff – so still – such an opportunity to take a break. My heart is full thinking about how much I love my daughter. You are a sweet light in the world — then you are kind of sassy, too. What does that sass bring to you?

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