I’ve been so busy writing for others that I have failed this forum miserably! My last post – in January, yikes! – was a turning point for me. I found great solace on that snow day. I mentioned I was contemplating taking a walk and did indeed enjoy a snowy walk in my riverfront neighborhood.

Shortly after this post, and a moving Non-Violent Communication workshop and lots of insightful reading and talks with loved ones, I made the decision to leave my comfortable salary and go out on my own. It was an exciting, refreshing, scary and challenging decision all at once. And having an unexpected outpatient surgery the month I executed this decision threw me for one confusing loop. I made it work. During recovery, I took on last-minute writing assignments and wrote in bed. That’s when I knew I could make it.

Since April, I’ve been writing, editing, social media managing & more for publications, businesses and individuals. Life after reporting to a specific office every day has been an adjustment and time management balancing act. Not having to ask for permission to take off a few days from work for a trip has been nice. Now I can just work anywhere. My most recent boss was very understanding and flexible, however, so that was never a big issue. I was lucky and am very thankful for that job and my other places of employment, which, unbeknownst to me, were grooming me all along for this current journey.

It’s an ever-changing one and there’s never a dull moment. Just how I like it. I’m running with it and couldn’t be happier.


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