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Jillian-McGeheeThe Blog

It’s hard not to find beauty in everything in this perfectly imperfect world. And that’s what this blog is intended to be about.

The title, “Running With It,” speaks to my interest in running & fitness activities and also my outlook on life. Growing up, I had to adjust to moving to new places with all new faces many times. Wherever life leads you, you just gotta run with it. What other choice is there? Resistance only makes things worse.


I’ve been intrigued by words and how they go together since I learned the alphabet. In college, studying, discussing and writing about literature in the English Department felt like home, even though I had no clue what my career life would like after graduation.

My first “real” job out of college was reporting and writing for a small daily newspaper. I wanted to learn more about the profession, so I went to graduate school for a master’s degree in journalism. The next two years meant writing, writing and more writing. If I wasn’t writing about the latest city council meeting for work, I was writing a research paper for school. It was tough but very much worth the challenge and personal growth that resulted.

I’m a professional writer & editor with extensive social media content management and website administration experience. I also provide writing & editing, book formatting, marketing & distribution services through my company, Cowboy Buddha Publishing, LLC. We have published several books, and more in the works, since 2012. To keep me fueled for all of my business ventures, I practice an active lifestyle while fostering my passion for clean eating and cooking. What we eat and put on our skin matters so much to our health. I’m an Arbonne International Independent Consultant so I can share natural & botanically based skincare, beauty & wellness products with others. You can read more about that here.


– Jillian


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