I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Mine was a bit different this year, but we have much to be grateful for and I’m looking forward to a California Christmas in a few weeks. It’s hard to believe 2015 has almost run its course.

So much change has taken place this year, and I recall stating it would be a year of change on this forum. Living situations have changed, relationships have changed… Good and bad, it’s all about perception, right? We can’t always control outcomes, but we can control how we behave in response. One thing I’ve taken to heart this year is letting myself go through ugly emotions without judgment. I’ve found coming through to the other side is more manageable when I let myself cry, scream, laugh, yell – whatever the emotion may be – than when I try to be “strong” and keep it all penned up. It always comes out eventually.

One thing I’ve struggled with lately is gratitude. It’s so easy to focus on what we’re lacking and forget all the wonderful things right in front of us. A yucky cold has forced me to stay inside the past few days. I was moaning about being sick, but I think it’s just what I needed – solitude, time with my things and minimal exposure to all of the everyday distractions. The quiet time has me also working and reflecting on my home-based businesses. I’m grateful I have the patience and passion to continue working on building my publishing and Arbonne businesses. Especially during this season of consumer overload, I’m happy I can offer people personal service so they can find their loved ones something special.


How do you practice gratitude every day? (I could use some pointers! 🙂 )