2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for my blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

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I tried a new workout method this morning and it was great!

A studio recently opened in my city that offers BarreAmped, zen cycle, hit cycle and yoga. I first learned about the barre thing on here, dear blogging world. I held out hope it would hit my town. And like most popular things, it finally arrived, albeit slowly. I’m not sure what the cycle classes have to offer, but I’m signed up for some and will learn during this seven-day free period (part of the newcomer package).

My yoga instructor encouraged me to join her at the barre class this morning. Just the budge I needed. It was the perfect workout to jump start my day and covered all the basics — strength, cardio, stretch — and then some!

I’m still running, just not as many miles, which means more time for yoga and my new adventures at this new place. As long as I have my two feet, my running shoes will always be there to take me on my running journeys. I’m just making room for some new fitness methods. I think my body, mind and spirit are already thanking me. 🙂

Happy Hump Day!

P.S. Still posting from my phone. Can’t wait to share some fun photos when I get to blogging on my laptop again!

I miss you

I have lots to blog, BUT my Internet has been down at home and due to travel and other obligations, I haven’t had time to get it restored!

Smart phones are great and all but not for typing thoughtful prose.

And I may lose power again tonight as my region is under a tornado warning! I should probably reserve my phone power.

I’ve been enjoying keeping up with all you runners I follow 🙂

Till next time…

Journeying in 2013

Happy New Year!

I had a busy, busy fall followed by a busy, busy holiday season. I took a wonderful trip to San Francisco over Christmas and will post a photo blog later 🙂

I started this blog in the midst of my marathon training last year. This forum was so helpful as I dealt with the ups and downs marathon training can produce. I have enjoyed reading and keeping up with you other runners out there. Injury forced me to drop to the half marathon. I was disappointed, but it was a great race day despite not being able to reach my initial goal.

Running is still an integral part of my life. I realized yesterday that it’s too late to register for the Little Rock Half Marathon. I knew last fall I wasn’t ready to try for the marathon again (at least not this year), and thought I had time to register for the half. Well, turns out my time ran out. This year would have been my sixth year in a row to participate. I’m a little bummed I won’t be carrying on the tradition. I think I’ll do the 10K instead. “That’s going backwards, isn’t it? You should increase your miles,” someone pointed out to me. The competitive bug inside me didn’t like that question. I felt like I was letting myself down by not participating in the half.

Last night while reading my new Runner’s World (the half-marathon issue coincidentally), I realized there are plenty of half marathons to pick throughout the year. San Francisco, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Nashville, Las Vegas — you name the city, chances are there’s a half marathon happening at some point in the year. I haven’t decided where I will race, and if it doesn’t happen this year, it will happen, and that comforts my running soul.

That’s the great thing about running. There are running events practically every weekend of the year, and you can always get back into race mode. It just takes practice and training. Right now, I’m happy with running the amount of miles I feel like running on a given day.

Lately, I’ve been more concentrated on my yoga practice. I’m grateful for what yoga has done for me, body, mind and spirit. I challenge myself, I find myself doing things I never thought I could do. I fumble, I fall, I laugh, I balance on one foot, I stand tall, I cry, I sweat, I relax. And all in good company. This year, through yoga, I hope to improve my core strength, balance, flexibility and overall strength and health.

As in running, yoga helps me keep my competitive edge in check. This is my practice, my journey. The runner in front of me or the yogi next to me has his or her own journey. And we’re both doing the best we can for ourselves.



I can no longer say I’ve never had stitches. I’m now the proud owner of eight through my upper heal/lower rear ankle.

I woke up Saturday morning (late, very late), thinking what a great day it was going to be for a long run. (I’m afraid our brief cool spell is gone, gone, gone.) I got out of bed and went straight to the front door to get my newspaper. Hadn’t even had my morning coffee yet.

I squatted down as I opened the glass storm door so I could reach around and grab the paper. I kept it open with my body weight and reached with my right arm to get the paper. I turned, stood up rather quickly and the door swung back to hit my behind. The bottom door frame (which I’ve now discovered is losing its rubber padding to expose its metal base) caught my left foot and cut, very deeply, into my heal/ankle area. I screamed all kinds of expletives, grabbed onto a flemzy bookcase, causing one of my favorite pictures to fall. The glass from its frame shattered.

I ran to the bathroom, knowing I was bleeding. It was bad, really bad, y’all. I went back to the scene of the accident and just plopped down crying like a baby. I was home alone. Luckily, my cell phone was nearby. I called my mom; she was out of pocket. I called my aunt who was driving in from Texas; she was 40 miles out. I then called my other aunt, who also knows more about the medical community. It was Saturday, and I knew medical attention wasn’t an option. Her husband’s doctor’s clinic was open, so we planned for them to take me there.

They arrived, and with one look at my wound, they decided it best to take me to the ER. Off to the nearest ER we went, bloody towel wrapped around my foot. I brought a banana with me for the car ride. I hadn’t had breakfast either.

An ER tech saw me come in and wrapped my foot. I was happy to do away with the bloody towel. The wait wasn’t too bad to get back to a room. Once put in a private room, I was happy to find a flat screen TV playing one of my favorite movies, The Holiday. My aunt came back with me, and we had a nice time catching up and chatting one-on-one.

A nice-looking lady came in to examine the wound. I was lucky I didn’t sever my Achilles tendon, she said. Although, the thing was showing, the cut was so deep. Freaky, freaky. Stitches were a must, she confirmed. And a tetanus shot. Ow! Another lady came in to administer the shot. I made the mistake of looking at the needle length.

The doctor came in. “Wow, you know that’s about the worst place to have a cut,” he said. “No s***!,” I thought to myself. After the doc gave his approval, a physician’s assistant came in to sew me up. She’s apparently known around the place as the stitching expert. Lucky me; glad she was on the schedule that day. She was very nice, and made the process as pleasant as possible. The worst part was when she was poking around in my wound to give me the numbing medication. Thankful for that numbing potion, but wow, the administering of it hurt so bad I broke out in a sweat.

Two and a half hours and eight stitches later, I was sewn back together and ready to go home. They gave me crutches to help me get around, some antibiotics to help ward off infection and pain pills. I was ordered to do no activity until the stitches do their job and are removed. I can’t stand not being able to run, exercise, practice yoga. But I know it’s only temporary. And these stitches should do their job in 7-10 days. I’m almost half-way there.

Not the Saturday or week I was hoping for. But it could have been worse, a lot worse! I can be thankful for that and being forced to stop and rest more.

Watch out for those storm doors. You never know when one is gonna strike and knock you down!

Another Milestone!

The book I posted about last week is now available on NOOK!

I’m thrilled! In addition to NOOK, you can find it on Amazon Kindle as well.

I’m working on getting print copies as I type this.

I went to Dallas this past weekend to help promote the project and have some fun, too! My partner and I walked around the lot at the fairgrounds during the pre-Dave Matthews Band festivities to hand out these bookmarks.Image

On the back is a lovely image of the book cover. It was fun chatting with all kinds of folks, and I was pleased with their responses regarding our book. If you’re interested in keeping up with our happenings, find us on facebook or follow us on Twitter! And don’t forget the good ol’ fashioned website 😉

Jerry will be touring all summer around North America. His bread-and-butter job comes first, of course, but traveling will also allow him to talk up his latest venture. Maybe you’ll run into him!

Happy trails!

Wasting time

Just a quickie to say thank you for your kind words regarding my book announcement!

Also, I’m writing this from my phone, which isn’t nearly as easy to type on as my laptop. Hence, another reason for my brevity. 😉

I’ll be working on some book PR tomorrow, but I’m happy to be in Dallas for a mini-break! While also promoting the book, I get to see my favorite band live…Dave Matthews Band! They opened their 2012 summer tour in Houston tonight, and I hear it was electrifying.

Cheers to music, good times and mini-vacays. Wishing all a great weekend!